Genome sequence of chickpea released by Varshney et al.

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Leader of a consortium of scientists from ten countries: Dr. Rajeev Varshney

Chickpea: Cicer arietinum (2n = 2x = 16) genome-a rich resource for trait improvement

Important features:

  • Second most widely grown legume crop after soybean
  • ~738-Mb draft whole genome shotgun sequence of a kabuli chickpea variety
  • Total no of genes: 28,269 genes
  • Resequencing and analysis of 90 cultivated and wild genotypes from ten countries
  • Traits that distinguish the two main market classes of cultivated chickpea—desi and kabuli were highlighted
  • This will eventually move us closer to the goal of improving the livelihood and productivity of chickpea farmers worldwide, with particular emphasis on the resource-poor, marginal environments of sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

For more detail, read the original paper on Nature Biotech website.


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