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really interesting & own-looking write up,so I go for re-blog,

Wellcome Trust Blog

Scientist looking at sequencing autorad.

Kathryn Lougheed on the difficult career choices facing postdoctoral scientists.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and not necessarily those of the Wellcome Trust.

October was a milestone for me; a milestone that, in the darkest moments of failed experiments and contaminated cultures, feels as if it will be metaphorically tied around my scientific career and pushed off a bridge. This is because October marked the ten-year anniversary of starting my PhD and, simultaneously, the point at which scientific funders deem me too experienced to apply for a junior fellowship.

I’ve been a postdoc for six years and have known for some time now that, as much I love the freedom to focus on research without the pressure of writing grant applications or teaching undergraduates, this isn’t a permanent career option. A postdoc is meant to be a stepping stone on to bigger and better…

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